I was born and raised in Texas. To the dismay of my mother’s conservative family, I attended the University of Texas in Austin for my Bachelor’s in English Literature and East Asian Studies. During my senior year at UT, I did an exchange program at Oxford University to study Virginia Woolf and Jane Austen. I traveled all around England, France, Spain, and Greece on weekends. Since then, I’ve had an undeniable urge to travel. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and lost, I throw myself into a situation where I truly am lost in a different culture. Now, I’m living in Tokyo and spending as much time as possible exploring different places. Since living here, I’ve been to Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, and Germany. I’ve finally decided to share my experiences in and outside of Japan.


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  1. Hey Catherine, thanks for giving me such great answers, I really appreciate it! A lot of my American friends have the same complaint about the Mexican food. I can’t wait to go to America one day (or… I guess Mexico) and try it. ^^

    I thought it was interesting how you had delayed culture shock, but you felt that it was triggered by exposure to male attitudes that you hadn’t in America. Because I’ve taught mainly children, and my coworkers and adult friends are overwhelmingly female, I’ve only experienced that kind of guy through the stories of one of my single Japanese girlfriends, who tells them almost like a Sex and the City episode. Up close, I bet it’s not as amusing. The people you have around you and the environment have a big effect, right?

    Thanks again for your answers!

  2. Catherine – Would love to speak with you more about where you are and what you are doing! I work at Lone Star and some of your formers profs passed along your blog address (which is too cool by the way!) Would you touch base with me via email to discuss more?

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